Don't Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

Don't Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

A criminal lawyer in Winnemucca, NV can defend you in court

Drug charges can change your life forever. To protect yourself from fines and lengthy prison sentences, you need a criminal lawyer on your side to fight the charges. Work with Swanson, Belanger, & Plimpton when you need legal aid in Winnemucca, NV.

Attorney Swanson can walk you through the charges, making sure that you understand your rights. He can craft a defense that suits your needs and help you to potentially beat the allegations.

You deserve a chance to clear your name after receiving drug charges. Talk to an attorney now to schedule a consultation.

Types of drug charges

There are many reasons you may end up in trouble with the law for drug charges. Here are a few of the most common charges you could face:

  • Possession - Having a controlled substance in your control.
  • Trafficking - Selling high amounts of a drug or transporting drugs to others.
  • Manufacturing - Creating drugs for personal use or sale.
  • Paraphernalia - Possessing items that people may utilize for using drugs.

If you're dealing with any of these issues, a criminal lawyer can guide you through the legal process. Call 775-623-4599 today to learn more about fighting these allegations.

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